25 August 2007

Stationed Overseas? Sweet!

I just found out that the Justice Department has been forcing states to support the voting rights of overseas military personnel - and supporting instant runoff voting (IRV) in the process. What's IRV? According to the news article:
With [IRV], if no candidate receives a majority of the votes based on voters’ first choices, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated. The votes are then recalculated using the second choices of voters who originally favored the eliminated candidate. This process is repeated until a candidate receives a majority.
But why read about it, when you can watch a video?

The states affected so far - Arkansas, Louisiana, and South Carolina - have committed to sending IRV ballots to their overseas military voters to assist in elections where there may be runoffs.

If they have it this sweet, I can't wait 'til we're all so privileged! Yay, Selective Service!


  1. Great pick-up of a fascinating development. You can see more on the use of instant runoff ballots for overseas voters at:

    Voters sure like it. This specific proposal was on the ballot in Springfield (IL) this year and won 91% support. General adoption of instant runoff voting has won its last nine times on the ballot -- see:

  2. Great points, JB. I'm actually working with to expand their Electoral Services Group, so I'll be posting more about this issue in the future.