20 August 2007

A bit of old news, and farewell to a friend

Lucky for you, this one's short. In the January newsletter of the Forum on Physics and Society of the American Physical Society appeared this article by Wolfgang Panofsky. The most interesting bit, in my opinion, was this graph associated with his statement:

Since the beginning of the nuclear age, a new state has emerged as a nuclear weapons power roughly once every 5 years, as indicated in Figure 1.

Makes one wonder what all the fuss is about. WP then goes on to look at three potentially nuclear weapon states, Iran, Brazil and Japan, in some detail. He attempts to tease out the difference between the technical capability for a non-nuclear state to develop nuclear weapons and the intent for one to do so.

Also, I ran into my fourth roommate this morning. I see him so rarely I forget about him altogether. I wonder if he or any of his cousins will greet me in my move to Glover Park?

At least it'll be cleaner. He has a habit of leaving his shoes everywhere.
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