Transparency has become a serious passion for me, since around 2005.  I want to share that passion with you, which is why I write here.

A More Transparent Union: A Vision
Every secret is a bond that constrains us from realizing our potential, as individuals, and as a nation.  To me, transparency means openness, a minimization of secrets.  I envision a society where transparency is an over-arching principle, from our largest organizations–governments, corporations, unions, and non-profits–to ourselves as individuals.  There, all secrets have expiration dates, and all information reverts to the public domain.  In that more transparent union, we people of conscience are empowered by this information to hold decision-makers accountable, to grasp the complex systems around them, and to understand, most of all, that we are not alone.

The Road Forward: A Mission
To realize that vision, one of my missions in life is to inspire responsible transparency reforms in every organization and system I touch.  One emphasis of my work is technology, to create and utilize the tools of transparency, and the other is philosophy, to prepare and support a culture of transparency.

How You Can Help
If you believe in this vision, I would appreciate your help.  Subscribe to updates from me, by email.  Share a post with your friends.  Comment on a post, even if it's just to say 'Hi'.  Connect with me in other ways, or just contact me directly.  I can always use your support.

Let's get started.
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