18 January 2008

I Discovered the Gene for Gullibility

Are you as much a sucker for science experiments as I am? Let's find out.

I used to get email forwards from my sister S all the time. Chain letters, jokes, pictures of cute kittens, cute babies, or cute kitten/baby hybrids, you know the deal. A while back, I just told her that I couldn't be bothered with them, anymore. I'm not sure if that hurt her feelings; I tried to distinguish between email from her directly, which I love, and the usual stuff passed on from friends (of friends of ...), which I could do without.

Well, you can guess how delighted I was a few days ago to receive the following from S. Imagine, it's like getting a call from that favorite telemarketer after so many years!
Sorry, guys, it's quick and for a child's school project! (And you are the ones I thought might follow through - either because you have kids, you like science, or you're just plain nice.) This is for a science fair project. If you could do this I would appreciate it! DON'T ASK, JUST PLAY! Copy and paste this entire letter into a new e-mail (PLEASE do NOT hit FORWARD), then read the list of names below. If your name is on the list put a star* next to it. If not, then add your name (in alphabetical order), and do not put in a star. Send it to ten people and send it back to the person who sent it to you. Put your name in the subject box! You'll see what happens... It's kind of cool! Please keep this going. Don't mess it up, PLEASE
A couple of questions arise at this point.
  1. What's the objective of the experiment?
  2. At what point does the experiment end?
  3. Is this a test to find the first names of gullible people?
  4. Would it be OK if I insert names of folks I know to be especially credulous?
  5. By posting the rest of the message, am I messing it up, or am I mutating the experiment?
  6. "DON'T ASK, JUST PLAY!" – is that a fascistic motto or what?
  7. Does anyone else notice the dearth of obviously ethnic names from this list?
  8. Have (either of) my readers made it this far?
Adrianne, Alan, Alba, Alicia, Alison, Allison, Alvina, Amy***, Amanda*,Ann, Annabel, Andrea, Andy, Angela**, Anju, April, Ashley*, Astin, Austin in, Barbara****,Bear, Becky*, Benita, Beth****, Betsey, Bettie, Beverly**,Bill, Bo, Bonnie**,Brad, Brenda*, Brian, Bridgett, Britty, Bruce, Cameron , Candy, Carol, Carolyn*,Carrie*, Cassidy, Catherine**, Cathy***, Catina, Charlotte , Cherie, Cheryl*, Christine*, Christopher, Christy, Chri, Cindy**, Colleen, Cora, Corinne, Crystal, Dale, Dana, Darrin, Dave*, Debbie, Debby, Debi. Dena*, Denise*, Derek, Den,Detria, Devon , Diane, Don, Donna, Dorothy, Dylan, Eileen, Elise, Ellen, Elyse, Emily, Erin, Eugenia, Evelyn, Felicia*, Fran, Gabriela, Ginger, Glenda, Heather*, Heidi, Holly, Hope, Ilona, Ivonne, Jack, Jackie**, Jan, Jane***, Janell, Jean*, Jeannie, Jeff, Jennifer***,Jerry, Jill, Jim, Joan, John, Judy*, Karen***, Kohl, LaTonya, Laura, Lauren, Laurie**, Lisa**, Liz, Lourdes , Lynn, Margie*, Mary, Maureen, Michele, Michelle*, , Miranda, Nancy, Naree, Pam, Patty, Scott, Sharon *, Sheila, Susan*, Susanna, Tara, Teri, Theresa, Tracey, Tricia*,Trissy, Twana, Valerie
Happy New Year, everybody.